Fence Problems

Got Fence problems ??

With all the storms calmed down, now would be the time to get your fence looked at, we are specialists in this field and have had great feedback for the fences we have completed

Old Patio ??

Is your patio looking old and cracked? if so, don’t worry we can have it looking fantastic ready for your BBQ’s in the summer 
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Groundwork Specialists, Chichester and West Sussex


Was you in your garden today thinking of a makeover for the summer? 

below is one we completed last year

Photo 1 : prep
Photo 2 : Nice new lawn, along with a nice new patio




Fence Problems??

f you have had problems with damaged fences through out the storms, please contact us for a professional service, you may need the whole lot replacing, or just a few panels.

Why Choose Us ??

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