What Could Happen…

This is what damage happens next after a drainage problem occurs, if not attended to

As the water leaks away from a pipe, it takes soil with it, resulting in soft ground and sometimes subsidence. If neighboring properties are also affected by drain problems, or if there’s widespread flooding, the problem could be from the sewer !!!


Drainage is a huge problem this time of year

What Are The Signs Of Drain Problems?

Signs of drain problems include:

-Difficulties when flushing the loo.

-Water draining away slowly from sinks.

-Unpleasant smells and water collecting on surfaces such as a patio from overflowing drains, gulleys and manholes.

-In serious cases of leaking drains, you might see evidence of subsidence including cracks in brickwork, windowsills, driveways, or sunken steps.

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