Recent Testimonial

Recent testimonial

Rake up old paving slabs and remove old shrubs and roots, level ground and turf

Good and tidy workmen, cleaned up after the work was completed, would use them again.

Customer in Bognor Regis, 11 October 2013

Uk Storm

We hope you didn’t have too much damage over night with the strong winds.

Any fence damage / sheds damage, please don’t hesitate too call

Telephone : 01243 606455
mobile : 07800 957486

Bad Weather

More bad weather on the way. Please call us if you have any drainage problems, or fence panels need fixing or replacing before your matter gets worse

Phone : 01243 606455 / 07800 957486
email :

Check Your Contractor

When you choose your contractor to carry out your work, always check that they have the right accreditation’s, good testimonials, and the right skills to carry out the Job.

It could be very costly for you if you make the wrong choice

Drainage Problems

Had a few calls today regarding drainage problems due to the rain, please give us a call if you need help with this matter


Drainage problems Covered – Chichester, West Sussex area’s



The Longest Fence

Did you know…..

The dingo-proof wire fence enclosing the main sheep areas of Australia is 1.8m 6ft high, plus 30cm 1ft underground and stretches for 5531km 3437miles. The Queensland state government discontinued full maintenance in 1982.

That’s a long fence…I thought we done some long ones !!


Thinking of a new shed / summer house, but need a good solid base? well don’t look any further as we can come and advise you on what you need and give you a quotation, Chichester, West Sussex area